Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Why I picked Google Blogger over Tumblr, Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting

Why I picked Google Blogger over Tumblr, Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting.

- Faster
- Cheaper
- Keep domain

Why I picked Google Blogger over Tumblr, Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting.

- Faster ( Google Wins)

I went to loadimpact.com to check my page load time, it was up to 15 seconds.

Actual result above, also link below.

Then I checked Tumblr, as low as 1.27 seconds.
Then finally Google Blogger, even lower at 534 milli-seconds.

I was moving my site no matter what.

- 57% of users abandon site after waiting 3 seconds for page to load.
- I could more than double traffic just by moving to a faster server.
- Each second of load time was costing me traffic.

- Cheaper (Tie Google Blogger and Tumbler)

Blogger Tumblr Shared Hosting Dedicated Hosting
Price $0 $0 $48 $756

- Keep domain (four way tie)
All Plans have the option to keep your domain name.

- Scaleability (Google Blogger, with Tumblr close behind)
The evil truth that most companies do not tell you is there shared plan may be limited to as little as 15 concurrent users. Dedicated plans may be 2,000 or more. Google no limit, bring the entire Internet.

So under a $3.99 hosting plan that is limited to 40 concurrent connections, the 41st person will get a delay at best or a 404 error. You are constantly losing users to due to lack of scaleability.

In truth under a Shared Hosting Plan, you may be sharing one server with over a thousand sites.
If a few sites of that thousand receive a massive traffic rush, your site or the entire server may crash under the weight.

- Reliability (Google Blogger, no contest)

Blogger Tumblr Shared Hosting Dedicated Hosting
Downtime (Hours) 0 47.5 1.44 1.44

*Google and Tumblr times bases on Tech Cruch two month downtime report.
** Hosted Plan Downtime based on 99.9% uptime guarantee.

- Transfer of existing site (Tie - Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting)
I can simply transfer all files to a plan, not rewrite and copy each individual story as when using Blogger or Tumblr.

Google Blogger wins, my business with Tumblr second.



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